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Pub and restaurant sales increase by more than a third week on week

Pub and restaurant sales increase by more than a third week on week

Latest figures have revealed that trading in managed Pubs, bars and restaurants has been ‘more steady than sensational’ as the sector looks to return to pre-pandemic levels.

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Plan for Micropub in Keighley town centre is approved

Plan for Micropub in Keighley town centre is approved

An application to turn 62 Cavendish Street from a charity shop to a new “shabby chic” bar was approved by Bradford Council last week.

Adam Hirson has submitted the application for the 49 square metre Micropub after previous occupiers 2nd Time Around moved to a unit on Low Street.

His application said: “The main thrust of the business is to operate as a craft beer and real ale establishment as a rustic, shabby chic themed bar, as this is considered to be a unique business opportunity for Keighley. “By promoting change on this part of Cavendish Street, the proposal will serve to stimulate activity in this part of the street to compliment adjacent retail activity and promote early evening patronage in the area, which currently tends to close-down after 5pm.”

Officers said the new business would “add to the variety of uses and therefore the attractiveness of the street. It would bring an existing dead frontage back into productive use.”


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New Micropub opens in Hornchurch

New Micropub opens in Hornchurch

On the day of its opening Hornchurch’s Hop Inn Micropub was filled with the sounds of chatter as people came in droves to support the new business.

Socialising and providing an opportunity to meet new people is what the Hop Inn in North Street is all about.

Phil Cooke and Alison Taffs officially opened the Micropub on Saturday, December 21, and were soon overwhelmed with visitors, including several people from the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra).

Alison told the Recorder: “We’ve been really busy from the moment we opened.

“It was great to see people from the Real Ale campaign as it’s really important for us to get that endorsement from them.

“We find that people are very supportive and very helpful in the Micropub community. Trevor, from the Gidea Park micro pub, has been a real star.”

According to Phil and Alison, Micropub’s are defined as small pubs that don’t sell lager and they often exist in premises that haven’t been a pub before.

The Hop Inn was originally a beauty clinic and was transformed into the pub after Alison and Phil gained planning permission from Havering Council in October.

Speaking about their decision to open a micro pub, Alison said: “We both love beer and we thought it was a chance to bring a variety of cask beers to Hornchurch.

“We’ve got so many things that we really love that we wanted to share with people.

“We just want to meet our customers, give them some good drinks and hear what they have to say.”

Alison also does drinks training for members’ clubs in London and at least once a month she plans to host a tasting at the Hop Inn.

I had the pleasure of attending the pub’s first gin tasting on Wednesday, December 18.

Despite not being a regular gin drinker, I came away from the evening with a newfound like for Hayman’s Gin and a lot of new facts about the liquor that derives from the alcoholic beverage jenever.

For the Hop Inn’s next tasting, Alison is planning a Belgian beer themed event in January.

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A New Micropub opens its Doors in Bromley

A New Micropub opens its Doors in Bromley

With news of the Bromley gaining a new Micropub, set to open its doors on Friday 3rd May 2019, CAMRA got in touch to ask the owners about the Micropub and their plans and this is what they had to say: –

‘Sitting on the site of an old ironmongers shop at 18 London Road in Bromley (BR1 3QR), the Lock & Barrel tips a nod to its predecessor, not only with its name, but also its interior. The majority of the inside has been built using reclaimed timber from the copious amounts of shelving which previously held nuts, bolts, bells, handles and much more. This provides a welcoming and relaxed environment in which to enjoy a large range of both cask and keg ales alongside some interesting spirit and wine options.

The proprietors are committed to providing a regular rotation of beers from breweries across Kent and London as well as the odd offering from further afield, so whether you enjoy a Porter, Pilsner, Golden Ale, Bitter or something more exotic there should always be an offering available which will tickle your fancy!

The Lock & Barrel will be opening its doors for the first time at 5pm on Friday 3rd May 2019 and so please feel free to drop in, say hello and enjoy a tipple or 2!


The Lock & Barrel team’

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The Samuel Oldknow Micropub – Insurance Claim Case Study by M Maynell

The Samuel Oldknow Micropub – Insurance Claim Case Study by M Maynell

On 11th January we eventually got the keys to the premises of what was to be our New Business and work was started to covert what was then a Florist, into our Micropub. It was hard work for all of us involved, cold and tiring, but very exciting at the same time.

On 3rd February, I was painting an area above my head and stepped back off a two-step ladder and missed the lower step. It was frightening to see what a fall from only a couple of feet off the ground had done to my leg. At first the ambulance team, the first doctor I saw and my family all thought it was a bad dislocation but sadly the x-ray showed I had done serious damage to my knee joint and broken the bone below the knee vertically.

This was a serious blow to all of us because not only were we one man down in getting the premises ready, it created problems at home with my care. Everyday tasks were a struggle for a long time and although I had full support of my family, inevitably they would have to get back to the conversion at hand which would leave me alone most days for many hours.

It was a very stressful time to begin with, but after a few weeks I was able to help the Business by dealing with all the paperwork, ordering and researching what was needed from my sofa. I remember that we received a call from Liam at MicropubInsure to ask how we were doing, which I then proceeded to explain what had happened to me and how frustrated and useless I was feeling. It was at this point that Liam advised I could make a claim for compensation under the MicropubInsure Policy, not something that had previous occurred to me or any other member of our Business. The thought at that stage that I might get some compensation for my accident was a great boost to my morale and, as we were putting a lot of money into the conversation at the time when we were still not open and therefore not earning, it also gave us a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel to help towards the cost of being one man down.

One Liam had spoken to me it was a very simple procedure which he helped me through all the way. I had very little to do after the initial form filling and have since received compensation which has made a great difference to us financially, allowing us to take a bit less out of the company for ourselves and has indeed offered us real compensation for the frustration of the 3 to 4 months of immobility that I went through. There is no compensation that makes up for losing all that time, but I met so many people a lot worse off than myself and give thanks daily that I have had an injury from which I am now making a fantastic recovery. I believe everyone should be made to spend 2 weeks in a wheelchair to experience what other people go through daily and the hurdles that they must overcome; It is an eye opener.

Having the extra help from the Insurance was supportive at a time when the future was still uncertain. The Business, although it was in its first year at the time, is now doing well and the future looks very promising indeed.

I would recommend MicropubInsure to anyone looking for an Insurance company who understands the Business model and recognises what is needed to make a complete Insurance package for a Micropub environment. I originally got four quotes and MicropubInsure were the only company that knew what was involved and gave me confidence in their product. I did not realise that I was going to be testing the product so quickly, but I now feel that my original confidence in the company was warranted and they have been very supportive to myself and the new Business. I thank them and highly recommend them.

Application approved for Newport’s first Micropub

Application approved for Newport’s first Micropub

A FORMER computer shop in Clytha Park Road, Newport, is to be converted into a Micropub.

The empty shop will become the city’s first-ever ‘micro-pub’, a one-room pub with a focus on locally-produced drinks and no televisions or electronic entertainment, after a planning application was granted.

The application was discussed at a meeting of Newport City Council’s Planning Committee yesterday, Wednesday, where members were generally in favour of the idea, but also raised issues such as a lack of a designated space for smokers.

Stow Hill ward member Cllr Miqdad Al-Nuaimi said: “It’s a nice idea bit it’s in the wrong place.”

But Marshfield ward member Cllr Richard White said: “I don’t think this will have the impact people are afraid of.

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Micropub to open in Westgate Towers

Micropub to open in Westgate Towers

A Micropub is set to open in Canterbury and it will be situated in possibly one of the most unique buildings in the city.

Stephen Allen, co-owner of The Pound bar in Westgate Towers, sent a planning application to Canterbury City Council last month, asking for permission to convert the South Drum Tower of the Westgate Towers into a Micropub.

The former Second World War communications post is situated within the tower closest to Westgate Gardens and will be transformed into a Micropub appropriately called ‘The Comms Room’ if the application is granted.

The South Drum Tower of the Westgate Towers has been used for general storage for a number of decades, hidden from the public.

But now it will be transformed into a micropub and event space, with seating space for up to ten punters at a time.

The application states that the space will be sympathetically returned to use and that none of the original details will be removed. Instead these features will be cleaned to allow the original space to be enjoyed.

The tower has Second World War features including original benches, coat hooks and a unique atmosphere.

Highlights of the restoration will be the opening up of the original full height of the drum tower, currently covered with temporary chip board ceiling panels and revealing the original wartime features.

One Pound Lane operate the popular bar in the old city gaol and since opening its doors in late 2014, and The Pound has become one of the city’s trendiest nightspots.

As well as a bar, the site also offers tickets for people to explore the battlements of the Westgate Towers next door. The plans have yet to go before a planning committee and a date for the meeting has not yet been set by the council.

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Micropub approved next to Nursery

Micropub approved next to Nursery

Officials behind proposals for a micropub are raising a glass after their plans were approved.

North Tyneside Council’s planning committee narrowly approved an application to open a micropub inside Monkseaton Metro Station despite strong objection.

More than 1,500 people signed a petition against the proposals, while there were 32 letters of objection. The application also drew 39 letters of support.

The pub is proposing to sell cask ales and bottles of beer and cider, with an outside seating area on the station platform. Officials also stated there would be no electronic devices or gaming machines.

Objectors were concerned about the impact the pub could have on the adjoining nursery while also felt it was out of keeping with the Monkseaton Conservation Area.

Calls were made for the pub to be move to Whitley Bay town centre or change its opening times to when the nursery was closed.

Peter Thompson, of Children’s Choice Nursery, said: “Planning decisions should help economic growth but also consider economical detriment to other businesses.

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Stroud’s first Micropub

Stroud’s first Micropub

IF a small, intimate Micropub serving only the best cask ales sounds like the perfect drinking environment for you, then Derek Miles could be about to make your dream come true.

The 57-year-old business owner from Brimscombe has launched a planning application to build a Micropub right in the heart of Stroud.

Derek spoke to the SNJ about the growing phenomenon and his vision for the small free house.

“This new breed of pub is very much back to basics,” he said.

“We want to create something really different – a traditional, personal and authentic pub experience for people to come with their friends and enjoy a quiet drink”.

The industrious pair want to start their new business at 21 George Street – which was formerly occupied by the Absolutely Fabulous beauty salon. They are hoping to transform the empty building into a cosy and intimate space, with a small bar offering a “quiet drinking experience”.

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Woman sues Pub for £4.2m

Woman sues Pub for £4.2m

An HR consultant who fractured her wrist tripping over a rope outside one of London’s best-known Gastropubs is suing its owners for £4.2m.

Carmen Mazo, 43, suffered the injury after she stumbled over the boundary of the beer garden at Notting Hill’s The Westbourne Pub, which is run by artist Sebastian Boyle.

She says she would have expected to be earning £700 a day by now if it were not for the 2009 accident. She claims it destroyed her lucrative career and left her with unsightly scars and post-traumatic arthritis. It had also had a devastating impact on her mental health and social life, she claims.

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