The Samuel Oldknow Micropub – Insurance Claim Case Study by M Maynell

The Samuel Oldknow Micropub – Insurance Claim Case Study by M Maynell

On 11th January we eventually got the keys to the premises of what was to be our New Business and work was started to covert what was then a Florist, into our Micropub. It was hard work for all of us involved, cold and tiring, but very exciting at the same time.

On 3rd February, I was painting an area above my head and stepped back off a two-step ladder and missed the lower step. It was frightening to see what a fall from only a couple of feet off the ground had done to my leg. At first the ambulance team, the first doctor I saw and my family all thought it was a bad dislocation but sadly the x-ray showed I had done serious damage to my knee joint and broken the bone below the knee vertically.

This was a serious blow to all of us because not only were we one man down in getting the premises ready, it created problems at home with my care. Everyday tasks were a struggle for a long time and although I had full support of my family, inevitably they would have to get back to the conversion at hand which would leave me alone most days for many hours.

It was a very stressful time to begin with, but after a few weeks I was able to help the Business by dealing with all the paperwork, ordering and researching what was needed from my sofa. I remember that we received a call from Liam at MicropubInsure to ask how we were doing, which I then proceeded to explain what had happened to me and how frustrated and useless I was feeling. It was at this point that Liam advised I could make a claim for compensation under the MicropubInsure Policy, not something that had previous occurred to me or any other member of our Business. The thought at that stage that I might get some compensation for my accident was a great boost to my morale and, as we were putting a lot of money into the conversation at the time when we were still not open and therefore not earning, it also gave us a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel to help towards the cost of being one man down.

One Liam had spoken to me it was a very simple procedure which he helped me through all the way. I had very little to do after the initial form filling and have since received compensation which has made a great difference to us financially, allowing us to take a bit less out of the company for ourselves and has indeed offered us real compensation for the frustration of the 3 to 4 months of immobility that I went through. There is no compensation that makes up for losing all that time, but I met so many people a lot worse off than myself and give thanks daily that I have had an injury from which I am now making a fantastic recovery. I believe everyone should be made to spend 2 weeks in a wheelchair to experience what other people go through daily and the hurdles that they must overcome; It is an eye opener.

Having the extra help from the Insurance was supportive at a time when the future was still uncertain. The Business, although it was in its first year at the time, is now doing well and the future looks very promising indeed.

I would recommend MicropubInsure to anyone looking for an Insurance company who understands the Business model and recognises what is needed to make a complete Insurance package for a Micropub environment. I originally got four quotes and MicropubInsure were the only company that knew what was involved and gave me confidence in their product. I did not realise that I was going to be testing the product so quickly, but I now feel that my original confidence in the company was warranted and they have been very supportive to myself and the new Business. I thank them and highly recommend them.

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