The Saxon Bear Micropub opens its doors

The Saxon Bear Micropub opens its doors

A NEW micropub has been opened in Christchurch to much applause from its punters.

The Saxon Bear Ale House – which officially opened its doors on Sunday – has taken over the former Belvoir Residential Lettings office off the Fountain roundabout.

The sister establishment to the Wight Bear Ale House in Southbourne, which opened last June, was formally opened by the former Royal Bath doorman Ron Hands, who acted as the master of ceremonies.

David and Nicola Holland, the company’s owners, welcomed Martyn Hillier to cut the ribbon, which was followed by much applause from customers who had been revelling in the atmosphere from the Christchurch Food Festival earlier that day.

Mrs Holland said: “Micropubs are very new on the block. They are very small pubs and they are filling up empty high street shops. The rules and regulations have made it slightly easier to get a premises licence and they were founded by Mr Hillier.

“He cut the ribbon for us. He opened the first one in Herne in Kent, at an old butchers, which gave it its name, The Butchers Arms.

“They are stripped back to how old pubs used to be,” Mrs Holland added. “There’s no music, no mobile phones (we ask people to put them on silent). It’s about conversation”.

“Most pubs nowadays, there’s a brass plaque on the table and you feel you have to order food. All we do is pork pies, scotch eggs and chutney”

“It’s all about getting people to interact with each other.

“It’s also about real ales and we have no bar, which some people are thrown by when they first walk in. We have a blackboard with a description and the price, served by the Bear Beer Handlers. It’s a different experience.”

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